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Transition to School

Transitioning our pre-schooler’s off to school is something we are very proud of. Our educators have been trained accordingly to provide children with a versatile school readiness program which looks into many avenues of learning. We pride ourselves on creating programs which ensure children are being challenged to strive to achieve their goals and more.

Our school readiness ensures children of all capabilities and strengths are catered for and their learning is guided in the right direction. Our program fulfills learning around; literacy, inclusive of sound phonemes, writing and recognition of letters; mathematics, inclusive of counting, addition and identification of numbers; sustainability; science and technology.

One main component of our program focuses on getting children prepared socially and emotionally for school looking at preparing them to be resilient and confident learners. Our educators ensure to include children’s interests in their teaching, where children ca closely relate to what is being taught.


Sustainable practices are part of our everyday routine, and is something all educators highly value. Using our recycled tinny boat garden, recycling our boxes, collecting bottles to use at the Return and Earn sites and engaging in sustainable living by saving water, lights, and electricity, the children at Kidsversity are provided with the correct foundations to follow a sustainable life style.

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